Singing with Chelsea

I 100% recommend SingingWithChelsea Vocal Studio. Chelsea is incredibly kind and patient with her students. She is also very talented at what she does! I have been working with Chelsea for only a few months and my voice has improved amazingly! She has given me vocal exercises and tactics that have improved my voice in so many ways. She also keeps her studio a very safe and fun environment. She is always very easy to talk to and very understanding about things. She knows how busy people are and is very flexible around people’s schedules.

-Riley Thompson

3 years ago

Can I give more than 5 stars? I wish I could! 2 years back, my daughter started receiving music lessons from Chelsea. Initially we were not sure if Chelsea would be able to “teach” my 6-year-old girl. But she turned out to be a phenomenal coach. She works not only coaches my child but also works with us to figure out the right path for my daughter. She’s great with techniques and knows exactly what my daughter needs. Caution: She’s super down to earth & her smile is infectious.

-Shampa Mukherjee

3 years ago

“Thank you. She has been showing me her before voice and after voice, just after 4 lessons, big difference.”

– Candice L.

3 years ago

“Chelsea helped me to dramatically improve my singing. Prior to working with Chelsea, I’d received no formal voice coaching so we pretty much had to start at square one. My goal was to prepare a song to sing at my wedding in front of 250 people (so I wanted it to be perfect!). She taught me voice drills, how to sing on key, how to tailor the song to my voice so that it sounded great, and most importantly, she taught me confidence and that anyone can learn to sing. Spoiler – my singing at the wedding was the highlight of the night and I couldn’t have done it without Chelsea!”

-Jacob Gustafsson

4 years ago

“Chelsea’s driven passion and willingness to explore make her a fun musician to collaborate with. Her dedication to her craft gives her not only a vocal versatility but also a musical versatility that allows for the type of musicianship she seeks to incorporate into everything she does.”

-Stephen Nelson

4 years ago

“I love working with Chelsea! I can’t say enough good things about her. From the moment I met her, I immediately felt at ease. As someone who has taken a lot of voice lessons, I can tell you that Chelsea definitely knows her stuff. She is able to quickly identify what is going on with my voice and then give me specific tools that give me immediate improvement. She gives clear direction and demonstrates for me, so I really understand what she is asking me to do. I love that she not only has a goal and plan for each lesson, but for the long term as well. I highly recommend Chelsea to anyone looking for a skilled and wonderful voice teacher. And not only is Chelsea a great voice teacher, she is also a fantastic singer herself!”

-Annie Little

4 years ago

“I LOVE CHELSEA. She is an absolutely WONDERFUL teacher. I have seen firsthand how much she cares about her students and I admire how dedicated she is in making sure she offers the VERY best instruction and the very best of herself in every lesson. She is worth every penny- no doubt about it.”

– Megan Yates

6 years ago

“Chelsea is incredible! What a talented woman. I’ve been taking lessons from her for a while now and I look forward to my lesson each week. When I’m working with a certain issue with my voice/singing, she knows the exact exercise and technique to fix my issue(s). She works magic. Plus she is so fun and a delight to be around. I would recommend Chelsea to ANYONE.”

-Ashley Mortensen

7 years ago

“Chelsea has been an amazing teacher and I have learned so much in the time I have been with her. Just by seeing her regularly once a week, I have been able to build my range, strengthen my voice, learn new techniques, skills, and more. She is wonderful to work with and is very kind and incredibly helpful.” “With Chelsea as a voice teacher, I have seen my daughter’s vocal skills and confidence grow. I appreciate that she teaches in a positive way that is enjoyable and encouraging.”

-Olivia Moon, -Amy Moon

8 years ago

I had never had a voice lesson before and was pretty nervous about it, but chelsea made everything very comfortable. She was able to help me overcome my nerves and focus on strengthening my voice. It was very easy to follow the flow of the lessons and I gained better understanding about how to connect the high and low ends of my voice.

-Daniel C.

8 years ago