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Chelsea has successfully coached hundreds of singers, dancers, public speakers, weather anchors, lawyers, and actors in every aspect of performance. Chelsea has clients around the globe, including Iran, UK, Canada, all parts of the USA, and more. From singing in your car, to performing on stage, in the studio, and on camera, you will benefit from working with Chelsea.

Lessons are available in person at Chelsea’s studio in Murray, Utah, USA or online worldwide via skype, zoom, or facetime. Overseas Masterclasses are currently only available beginning fall 2021.

Singing should feel as comfortable as speaking. Each lesson is specifically tailored to you and your needs and goals.

In your very first lesson, we will identify what factors are keeping you from feeling and sounding your best and then develop a series of exercises to address your vocal needs. This is the most efficient and effective way to achieve the results you want for your voice. I will have you record every session so you can practice between sessions.
Lessons will give you to tools to smoothly transition through your passages, develop power and agility, access high notes with ease, remove strain and tension, and teach you how to control your voice so you trust your abilities and gain more confidence. I place a particular importance on developing your mix voice, meaning blending your low, middle, and high registers to find one, balanced voice. Once you can reliably blend and balance all registers, your song choices and abilities drastically increase and bad habits are eliminated! Ultimately, good technique is not the end, but the means to allow you to express everything inside.
Vocal coaching, audition preparation, and the practice of repertoire is all included, but a high priority is placed on proper vocal technique. Once you have that, you can feel confident singing anything.
Feel confident in your technique and ready to jump into recording your music or performing on stage? Or would like some additional training while you work on your technique? For specific sessions focused strictly on performance and audition coaching ‘Click here to schedule’.

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How often
should I take


To develop good and reliable singing technique, consistency is key. Weekly lessons are best. Some beginning singers or artists preparing for tours, recording sessions, or concerts will come in 2 or 3 times a week. For most people weekly lessons are ideal, but biweekly are effective as well. If you’re choosing between weekly half-hour lessons or biweekly hour lessons, go with the weekly half-hour lessons. You can eventually progress to hour-long lessons (with more application to songs) as your singing abilities improve.