Singing Lessons Utah

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Lesson Utah

I take pride in helping my singers not only recognize their continued improvement but also where improvement is still required. You will develop balance not only vocally but mentally as well. What sets me apart from other vocal instructors is I work with both professional vocalists and beginning singers and meet them where they are. My professional vocalists know I empathize with the time and hours it takes to record quality work, perform through nerves, and develop the confidence to look calm and relatable on stage. I also understand the seasons of beginning and developing singers, wanting to open your mouth at a karaoke night with friends and not feel embarrassed, nail that first audition for film or stage; desiring the confidence in your voice to know that what you want to come out of your mouth will come out the way you want it to, even if recording music isn’t the end goal. I have had to embrace vulnerability, laugh off and move past mistakes and failures. I continue to perform, practice healthy vocal habits, and consult my own mentors regularly because I refuse to make recommendations that I wouldn’t follow myself. I won’t settle thinking I’ve “learned enough” about the voice or that I always know all the answers. Just as athletes exercise daily and work with coaches and mentors, vocalists should be no different, no matter how successful you are. The most efficient and effective approach is through the application.

I will give you vocal exercises specific to your individual needs, to strengthen your own sound. Through demonstration and application, you as the singer will experience HOW to sing to the very best of your ability and see your full potential. We will have discussions about your voice so you recognize the correct sounds and feelings, and you can make improvements when I am not around. I am here to help you discover your voice, develop your voice, encourage you through challenges, and hopefully instill a passion for making music that goes beyond simply singing a song well.


Lesson Types Available - which lesson is right for me?



FIRST TIME VOCAL ASSESSMENT (30min or 60min available)

30min @ $55, 60min @ $110
This is required for all singers interested in taking vocal lessons. We will evaluate your vocal needs and goals and create a plan to further develop your own unique voice.



30min Vocal Lesson

30minutes @ $60.00
Focused mostly on technique, this lesson length is great for all singers. Suitable for age 8 and older. I recommend 1-3 30min lessons per week depending on your goals.



45min Vocal Lesson

45minutes @ $90.00
Great for singers age 12 and older who wish to focus on technique and more time spent on practicing repertoire. Recommended 1-2x per week depending on your goals.



60min Vocal Lesson

60minutes @ $120.00
Great for singers who want to make a lot of progress quickly, experienced singers, touring and recording artists. 20-40min of vocal exercises and remaining time spent on practicing repertoire.



Performance Coaching Session

45minutes @ $105.00
Have a song picked for a recording session, on stage performance, or audition? We will take you beyond singing and discover how to build confidence, move an audience and communicate through your song.



2 or 3-day masterclass

2 or 3-day masterclass
IMPORTANT: Your retainer is required before setting up a guest host masterclass. Once retainer is received, SingingWithChelsea Vocal Studio will contact you for scheduling dates and invoice will be sent for remaining dues.

(2 day masterclass $1500, $500 non-refundable Retainer due at time of scheduling. Remainder due 14 days before masterclass date)
Day one: 45min private technique lessons for 10 singers. Teachers and other singers may observe. Day 2: 2.5-3hour performance workshop working through performance coaching for up to 10 singers. Up to 100 Remaining students and instructors may observe)
3 day Masterclass: $2000. $800 Retainer ($500 non-refundable) due at time of scheduling. Remainder due 14 days prior to beginning date)
Day one and two: 45min private technique lessons for 10 students per day. Up to 50 Singers and teachers may observe.
Day 3. 2 separate performance workshops, 2.5 hours each. Working with up to 10 singers per workshop on performance coaching their song of choice. Observation available for up to 100 individuals per workshop.