How many lessons will I need to become a good singer?

A question often asked, and the honest answer may surprise you- I can’t answer that definitively. First you have to determine what “good” looks like and means to you. What areas do you feel you are lacking in skills or experience that are hindering your success?

 Your vocal development and success is dependent on a variety of factors- past experience, what habits do we need to overcome, how often are you willing to practice mindfully? What was your skill level before beginning lessons? How focused and determined are you to get better? Where are your priorities- do you prefer to just sing your songs with the same old habits or are you willing to put in the work and break down those problem sections piece by piece? Are you willing to be vulnerable and emotionally invested in communicating your song? Are you willing to take the time to practice vocal exercises consistently? Is it important enough to you to succeed that you are willing to practice even when others are in your home or do you make excuses for why you can’t practice for one reason or another?


What I CAN tell you and give you, is the very best singers have a combination of natural talent and healthy training, and some good genetics. Singing is a skill, anyone can learn how to sing better if they’re willing to work at it. No matter where you are starting from you CAN improve. I CAN give you a solid foundation of tools for success, a game plan for how to overcome your vocal weaknesses and build on your strengths. I can help instill an understanding for how to be the most efficient and effective in training your specific voice and tips for calmer and honest performance and auditions. I want to help you sing songs and styles without limitations in dynamics, range or expression. I want to help you eliminate pain and vocal beaks so you can sing as comfortably as speaking, in your own unique, clear, and resonant voice. Technique is the foundation and means in helping you develop a tone of balance and flexibility so you can sing in the styles you love and sing with your heart.


But whether or not you go home and put in the work is solely up to you. Becoming artists takes dedication and training much like an athlete. You wouldn’t expect an athlete to enter a game with only a few practices under their belt or a few weight training sessions to sustain them. You would never hear an athlete boast they’d never worked with a coach before. They train for hours, months, years for success. Successful singers are no different.

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