I want to help you succeed in singing WHAT you want, WHEN you want, and HOW you want. So you can be the most expressive and marketable singer you want to be. By working with me, you will develop the tools to trust your voice and sing with confidence. For some it does take more work than others, but anyone can develop the skills to sing better. I recognize that every student learns in their own way, on their own timeline. This is why I work with each singer using a “cause and effect” approach to help them find their unique sound. I’ve discovered singers learn best by DOING. Instead of using imagery or placement, I invite my singers to actively participate in their own learning so they remember the sensations when they discover correct balance and comfortable singing.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you’re welcome to book casual prep lessons as needed. There is no commitment to book regular lessons, unless you want to. However, keep in mind there are no “Magic tricks” when training the voice. More personal preparation is required for tune-up lessons since we won’t be able to spend time learning or picking your repertoire. Our goal will be to balance your voice and give you the tools for success while singing your songs or going on tour. Performance coaching and style coaching will also be provided contingent upon time and how much personal preparation was done before our session.